Security and Emergency Management Consulting Services

Security Planning Vital to The Protection of Your Company Assets, Staff and Clients.

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Consulting Services:

Emergency Action Plans are not only required by OSHA and the NFPA, but they are necessary for handling adverse events. We design Emergency Action Plans to mitigate potential adverse events for large populations of people (i.e. offices, administration buildings, churches, schools, athletic facilities, etc.). These plans are customized to suit the potential adverse event or threat and the design of structures.

If the client lacks a workplace security program for employee training, Imperium Risk safety and security consultants can design this program or training. Imperium risk uses consultants, with law enforcement and security experience to provide plans eliminating many of the possible threats employees are exposed to. Our programs include hard facility security assessments, controlled access plans, and employee security when inside or exiting the facility. These programs are vetted by multiple security professionals and our legal department.

Large scale facilities that handle a large customer base require population surveys. Without the empirical data created by the survey establishing patrol routes, static posts, emergency egress routes, and the ability to transition efficiently throughout the population flow is a guessing game. Our Population Surveys analyzes the count, timing, and flow of your customers throughout pre-determined sectors. We perform this service discretely and accurately.

  • Emergency Action Plan Development
  • Emergency Action Plan Auditstactical-image2
  • Facility Security Evaluations Audit
  • Workplace Security Plan Audit
  • Workplace Security Plan Development
  • Threat Assessment
  • Population Survey
  • Policy/Program/Process Creation or Analysis
  • Contingency & Emergency Management Planning


Workplace security training can be utilized to provide employee confidence in the client plan and to develop skills to protect themselves from possible threats. Our training is a mixture of hands-on training, classroom discussion, and live lecture to provide students the best possible resources. Threat De-escalation Training by security professionals allows your employees the opportunity to receive training from individuals who utilized threat de-escalation techniques throughout their career. Whether utilizing an active shooter program created by Imperium Risk or the client’s, our Instructor cadre can provide employees with professional hands-on training. Our Instructor cadre has experience in providing realistic training which prepares students to be leaders in high stress situations.

  • training-image3Workplace Security Plan Training
  • Threat De-escalation Plans Training
  • Active Shooter/Mass Casualty Programs Employee/Instructor Training
  • Emergency Action Plan Training

Expert Safety Training & Emergency Preparedness

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