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Due to ever increasing risk in this world, making correct hiring decisions has become paramount to being and staying successful in the market place. Predators are lurking amongst the pool of eligible employees looking for the unsuspecting employer.

Accident Investigation

Work site accidents can damage moral and community approval, and cause extensive legal issues. We provide clients with trained investigators who specialize in workplace accident investigations. These investigators have extensive knowledge of workplace safety and health standards, and professional training to provide a thorough report of all findings. The final report is a based on root cause analysis and can provide suggested abatement procedures.

Employment Investigations

Imperium Risk provides clients an efficient means to verify and vet prospective employees. This allows the client peace of mind when offering individuals employment. Once we have completed the investigative process we will provide a report based upon our in-depth analysis.

Workers’ Compensation Fraud

While many people rely sole on workers’ compensation insurance as their main defense to fraud, a strong investigative process will help curb existing predator claims and deter future claims. Fraudulent claims are a large direct and indirect cost to employers and their employees. The cost in dollars removes opportunity to expand business and the cost in time hurts other employees. Imperium Risk has a specialized surveillance program developed by over 20 years of claims management. It allows us to work with attorneys, insurance agencies, and employers in a way that is cost effective and evidentiary sound. Not only do our investigators have years of experience, but the process was built in conjunction with years of claims management and legal experience.

Corporate Due Diligence

Performing due diligence has become a necessary aspect of almost all parts of business. Whether selecting a business partner, sub-contractor, a potential merger, or just piece of mind, due diligence is key in protecting assets.

Threat Assessments

High net worth individuals, politically affiliated individuals, and people at risk of coercion often have threat assessments conducted for themselves and their families. This is a compressive investigation into existing threats or the potential of a threat. We conduct a thorough background and activity analysis to determine what risks the client is exposed to.

Investigator Staffing

Many government agencies and private companies have an extensive amount of investigative work. Under our investigator staffing program, we will provide trained and licensed investigators to work with your company on a pay plus markup program. This is often more cost effective for our clients who have large scale investigative needs. Also, this allows our government clients to return to work PERA retirees without an impact on their benefits.

Expert Safety Training & Emergency Preparedness

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