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As we developed our products, we also broadened our scope to provide a variety of services. Our Law Enforcement Training Division is a direct result of hiring former law enforcement officers to consult and train the public-sector security forces and provide investigative resources to our clients.

Course Types

Customized – We create customized courses to facilitate the needs of our clients. These courses can be variations of our standards, they can be designed around your agency’s standard operating procedures, and we are able to host outside instructors for specialized training’s.

Standard – Our standard courses are listed in the following pages. These are courses that are currently available for scheduling.

Lecture – As with any of our courses, we are able to present any of our courses in an academic style lecture. These are typically geared towards supervisory staff to focus on specific issues or scenarios. Agencies benefit from this style of training because it facilitates discussion among senior officers.

Webinars – Many of our courses are made up of small modules that we are able to provide via webinars. These webinars are 45 minutes long with a 15-minute question and answer session at the end. We also provide the ability for students to email the instructor anytime following the course. Webinars are a low cost option for specific modules of instruction.

Field Exercises – Many of our courses are based around field exercises. These courses begin with a classroom lecture and walk-through phase, culminating with a graded field exercise.

Role Play – We are able to provide role players for force on force, crisis management, and large scale emergency scenarios. We vet all of our role players rigorously and ensure they are trained in the appropriate reaction for the scenario. This allows agencies to provide realistic training with any and all crisis points pre-designed.

Officer Survival

With the current climate towards law enforcement, officer survival and counter ambush courses have become incredibly valuable. Our Officer Survival Course assists patrol officers with developing good habits for situational awareness, officer safety, and counter ambush measures. We discuss a multitude of ambush scenarios, lone officer attacks, mechanisms for developing a hard target, counter ambush tactics, and patrol tactics.

Hostage Negotiator

Hostage Negotiators are a vital and necessary aspect to violent encounters, from dealing with terrorist situations to barricaded domestic disturbances, or dealing with suicidal persons. Hostage Negotiators are key to resolve incidences peacefully. With the current demand from the public for law enforcement to resolve situations with care, Hostage Negotiators are needed more than ever.

Hazmat for Patrol

The Hazmat for Patrol course is designed as a drug interdiction course focusing on hazardous chemicals and how the officers need to protect themselves. This course also translates to a basic understanding of hazardous chemical response with consideration to vehicle accidents. Officers are taught about the chemicals utilized to produce narcotics, how they affect the human body, the appropriate personal protective equipment to be used, site control, and how these chemicals are affected by the tools used by law enforcement.

Hazmat for Tac Ops

Tactical teams are often called on to serve high risk warrants and enter drug production facilities. These officers require specialized training in the hazardous chemicals involved in drug production and how they are affected by the tools utilized. This course covers hazardous chemicals, production cycles, personal protective equipment, utilization of force and outside chemical introduction, and site control.

Active Shooter

Active Shooter/Mass Casualty emergencies are every officer’s nightmare. Our Active Shooter Course is designed to provide training for everyone from the first line officer to the tactical team. Officers who attend this course will learn modern techniques for two officer, four officer, and team response to active shooter emergencies. This course is designed as a lecture, walk through, and force on force course.

Improvised Explosive Device

With the increase in violence around the world, law enforcement interaction with IEDs is on the rise. Whether discussing booby traps in a drug house or more sophisticated devices, officers need to have a working knowledge of IEDs. Our IED Course will start with the basics of explosives and recognition of explosive components. We will discuss the different approaches criminals use when utilizing IED’s. We will look at tactics and response to IED’s.

Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device

One of the major difficulties for IED style attack is moving a large quantity of explosive material into range discretely. Vehicle Born IEDs have been on the increase since the early days of the Iraq war and will eventually make their way to our shores. Our VBIED class covers types of VBIEDs, components and design of VBIEDs, recognition of VBIEDs, response and standoff distances for VBIEDs, and officer safety when confronting VBIEDs.

Suicide Bomber

With the events in the Middle East and the use of suicide bombers, U.S. law enforcement agencies are going to deal with suicide bombers eventually. Our Suicide Bomber course covers officer safety, techniques to prevent and detect suicide bombers, and render safe options for suicide bombers.

Counter Terrorism

Our Counter Terrorism course is an analysis of modern terrorism and the threats facing law enforcement officers and communities. This is a lecture based course focusing on terrorist attacks that are currently striking the Middle East which will come to our communities.

Multi Attack/Crisis Response

The focus of our counter terrorism training is planning for a multiple location attack on a community. This course is a lecture course based on previous multi-location terror attacks such as Mumbai and Boston. We discuss the appropriate law enforcement response, necessary individual officer equipment, tactics and techniques used in the attacks, and how your agency should react.

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is a crisis in our society not only because of the personal and psychological toll, but also and provides a ready source of income for organized crime groups and even terrorists. Imperium Risk’s Human Trafficking courses are designed to bring officers from a summary introduction all the way through specialized human trafficking training.

Cartel Interdiction

Dealing with cartel members and associates takes specialized skills. These individuals are more prone to violence and typically associated with higher levels of crime than officer’s standard contacts. Recognizing with whom you are dealing and understanding his or her propensity for violence is key for officer survivability. Our Cartel Interdiction courses are taught by experienced cartel investigators who have made hundreds of cartel related arrests. This course covers known cartels, associated criminal organizations, methods for developing intelligence, and techniques for dealing with cartel members and their associated criminal enterprises.

Vulnerability Assessment

Conducting Vulnerability Assessments is a vital part of protecting the public. Officers need to understand how to utilize threat matrixing to prevent crime and design patrol programs. Our Vulnerability Assessment course is taught as a facility and sector course giving our students the ability to translate the threat matrixing system immediately into their daily operations.

Personal Security Detail

On occasion law enforcement officers are required to provide protective details to witnesses, members of the court, or other high ranking individuals. Our Personal Security Detail courses teach officers how to conduct forward site assessments, deploy protective details from structures or vehicles, threat mitigation procedures, and how to counter assaults on the principal.


On occasion law enforcement officers are required to provide protective details to witnesses, members of the court, or other high ranking individuals. Our Personal Security Detail courses teach officers how to conduct forward site assessments, deploy protective details from structures or vehicles, threat mitigation procedures, and how to counter assaults on the principal.


  • Tactical Pistol I
  • Tactical Pistol II
  • Covert Pistol
  • Lowlight Pistol
  • Carbine I
  • Carbine II
  • Lowlight Carbine
  • Vehicle Engagement
  • Force on Force

Rural Ops

The Rural Ops training is broken down into three courses. We provide one course for patrol officers working in rural environments, a tactical operations course for fugitive recovery/SWAT operations, and a surveillance course. These are all three day courses with modules ranging from classroom to field exercises.

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