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Employee Safety and Hazard Mitigation Strategies That Work.

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Consulting Services:

Protecting employees from adverse events is based on establishing work rules, educating employees on these rules, and verifying compliance throughout the facility.  A policy and procedure audit can encompass entire safety programs or just particular policies and procedures. This is an opportunity to review the compliance and effectiveness of a safety program.

 These audits are performed by multiple safety professionals who creating a report of findings and abatement suggestions.  Once our safety professionals have completed the audit, our legal department will review proposed abatement suggestions for legal compliance.  The final report will involve detailed analysis as to whether the policy or procedure being audited is in compliance with federal standards and written in a way to prevent exposure to litigious situations.

Many times policy and procedure training needs to be adjusted to engage existing employees or add additional information to prevent accidents.  Our safety consultants are experts at creating safety training.  By allowing us to provide a policy and procedure training audits, we will guide clients adjust trainings to maintain congruent safety and health programs.

  • Policy & Procedure Design
  • Policy & Procedure Audit
  • Policy & Procedure Training Creation
  • Policy & Procedure Training Audit


Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is an industry recognized tool for anticipating job specific hazards.  Imperium Risk’s JHA is specifically designed to provide a report based upon predicting possible hazards and abating them before the job starts.  The Scope of Work inspection is designed to provide clients work site hazard inspections before a project starts.  Facility specific inspections are geared to buildings, wings, or specific sections of buildings. We use our consultants to conduct mock OSHA inspections, which provide our clients a specific report related to violations of OSHA standards and corresponding citations. Full facility inspections are utilized for large-scale facilities. Inspections include:  policy and procedure audits, training records, operator certifications, and inspection certifications for equipment. These inspections are conducted as a large-scale mock OSHA inspection provided by multiple Imperium Risk safety consultants.

•    Job Hazard Analysis
•    Scope of Work Analysis
•    Facility Specific Inspections
•    Full Facility Inspection
•    Multiple Facility Inspection Training
•    Policy & Procedure Employee Training
•    HAZWOPER Trainings
•    4-Hour Emergency Response Awareness
•    4-HourFirst Responder Training
•    4-Hour General Hazard Awareness
•    8-Hour Emergency Response Refresher
•    8-Hour Emergency Response Operations
•    8-Hour Hazardous Waste Refresher
•    8-Hour Hazardous Waste Supervisor
•    8-Hour On-Scene Incident Commander
•    24-Hour Emergency Response Technicians
•    40-Hour Hazardous Waste Worker
•    OSHA Authorized Outreach Training Program
•    OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Training Course
•    OSHA 10 Hour Construction Training Course
•    OSHA 30 Hour General Industry Training Course
•    OSHA 30 Hour Construction Training Course
•    Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) & PIT Competent Person
•    Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training Course
•    Powered Industrial Truck Competent Person Training Course
•    Overhead Crane & Overhead Crane Competent Person
•    Overhead Crane Operator Training Course
•    Overhead Crane Competent Person Training Course
•    Accident Investigator Training
•    Fall Protection & Competent Person Training
•    Fall Protection Training Course
•    Fall Protection Competent Person Training Course
•    Respirator Training
•    Respirator Training Course
•    Respirator Fit Testing
•    Permit-Required Confined Space

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